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Sport and leisure in Como

Cycling around Bologna


The area offers many water sports activities, such as sailing, water skiing and classic rowing in the area.

For those who love the sun, the beach and swimming, we recommend the two Lidos of Como located inside two magnificent villas: the Lido of Villa Olmo and the Lido of Villa Geno. Lake Como is located in an exceptional geographical position nestled between green valleys and mountains over two thousand meters high. The best way to discover and enjoy this landscape and natural heritage is to leave the car behind and walk or cycle  along the paths that run along the lake.

Located just 15 minutes from the Hotel Como, guests can enjoy a kart race with friends on the Kart&Go track.

For adults and children we recommend Swissminiatur, it is an open-air miniature park on the shores of Lake Lugano. There are around 130 scale models of Switzerland's most famous buildings, monuments and means of transport.